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Speaker. Author. Foster Care & Child Abuse Advocate

About Me

I was 13-years-old when I overdosed on cocaine. While I almost died that day, my overdose actually saved my life. As I was recovering at a Palm Springs hospital, the authorities stepped in to arrest my stepfather for abusing me with drugs. If I hadn't OD'd that day, who knows where I would've ended up. 

Where I ended up is extremely rare given my background. I am the less than 4% of former foster youth who has gone all the way with her education. I have won awards and been promoted at every job I've held, in different fields. I have contributed to charities. I have authored books and I'm a subject in the upcoming foster care documentary, "Breaking the Cycle." But most importantly, I have had therapy, my writing as an outlet and I've done a lot of progressive healing work, which still continues. I've also maintained healthy and loving relationships since I emancipated out of foster care 20 years ago. Now, I share my incredible life's story to all walks of life for motivational and educational purposes. 


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Favorite Review

"This book tore off all the scabs that covered the wounds of my experience in foster care. I'm 55 now and I thought my traumatic experiences were all in the past and I was wrong. I related to so much of the author's experiences and I'm so glad that she rose above all her adversity to become such a gifted writer and person. I didn't know I had so much mess locked up inside of me and this book helped me realize why I still have certain problems and that I will need to seek help to finally heal. This book is not for the faint of heart. It is a truthful and raw documentation of the horrors of child abuse and foster care. I was lucky to have a foster mother in the end just like Ms. Todd's that helped her on the road to recovery. A lot of foster children are not as lucky as Ms. Todd and I in that respect. I hope this book casts a harsh light on a system that needs to be revamped so that it does not send more damaged children out in the world as even more damaged adults."~ Barbikat60

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