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Personally speaking, I have been through it. Childhood homelessness. Sexual abuse. Childhood drug addiction. Then there were the years in foster care. My adult life has been much better due to the choices I've made and people I surround myself with, however, foster care still continues to find a way to show up for me even to this day. The problems do not disappear at age 26. 

Professionally speaking, I have worked in the child welfare space off-and-on for the past 16 years. I've worked directly with foster youth, former foster youth, social workers and advocates in social service agencies and nonprofits. I currently work for Connect Our Kids by outreaching to users and telling their stories. I freelance, create content and I'm working on a book now. Media interviews and featured work have been on NPR, CBS Radio, ABC 8 News, San Francisco Chronicle and San Diego Union-Tribune.