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CONFESSIONS OF A NON-ESSENTIAL is a digital essay series featured on Medium. 
Growing up, Georgette suffered unimaginable abuses and family tragedy. Her mother was shot in the head when she was a child, her father abandoned the family, her stepfather sexually abused her all before Georgette would go on to spend her teenage years bouncing around many foster homes. In order to cope with all this tragedy, Georgette decided that she wanted to write a book about her unusual life. Little did Georgette know, writing and publishing a memoir would turn out to be the hardest thing she would ever do. 
"Confessions of a Non-Essential" was a digital series on Medium that analyzed Georgette's attempt in writing and publishing her life story. Here are the six posts.
"Confessions of a Non-Essential" {Part 1}
"This Is Why I Write" {Part 2}
"Why I Wrote Foster Girl" {Part 3}
Is Foster Girl a Failure? {Part 4}
There's More to Foster Girl Than Foster Care {Part 5}
A Final Confession: I Need to Further Isolate Myself {Part 6}