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  • Georgette Todd

A $2500 Giveaway & More Money Thoughts

This week, you can enter to win a big prize and in related news, I have some more thoughts on last week's post on my relationship with money.

From now and until May 26th, you can win a Suze Orman Will and Estate Planning package (a $2,300 value) along with a Sexy Boss Babe women empowerment nail line (over a $200 value) and some high end make-up products!

All you need to do is subscribe to the Sexy Boss Babe podcast here. It's free to subscribe. Listen to the Sexy Boss Babe's CEO, Arzo Yusuf's interview with Suze Orman here and leave a review of this riveting interview with your email or social media handle so that you can be notified if you win this very generous package! Only subscribers who leave a review with an email or social media handle will be entered into the drawing. A winner will be announced on May 26th. Good luck!!!

Speaking of this interview, I have some additional thoughts on last week's post.

Last week, I did readers a disservice by not telling the whole story. I blame time constraints for that. I'm still not used to publishing once a week. I much prefer once a month so I could include research but like exercise, the more writing you do, the better. Anyway, in my last post I said I was financially illiterate. I am when you compare me to my friends and close ones. My best friend of 20 years+ is a Vice President of Investments at JP Morgan. And why don't I seek her advice? Because, while I adore her to the highest of heavens, I don't need her judgments. I need distance in my financial counsel. Also, another reason why I put myself down last week is because I have sky high expectations. I should be in a different tax bracket by now, at my age. But, stepping back a little, I can see that I have made some good financial decisions.

I have no debt outside of student loans and I am on an affordable income-based payment plan. That debt is being managed.

I am the only one in my family who has saved and invested my grandfather's inheritance from nearly 10 years ago. Everyone else, to my knowledge, has spent their inheritance on depreciating assets. That money is gone, never to be seen again. The money I inherited was not a fortune but it is still with me and then some because of financial discipline.

Lastly, so far this year, outside of paying for food and bills, I have saved all my income. Every penny.

Once California opens up again, I will continue to do as I was doing right before the pandemic. Work, save and pursue my dreams on the side. The only difference now is that I am more motivated to educate myself on money matters. It's embarrassing to be as ignorant as I am at my age, let alone publicly admit that defect about myself but that's what this blog is about. Working through problems and sharing stories on personal growth with an occasional fun or funny article.

While last week, I explained why I am the way I am, and there is an emotional undertow that needs to be addressed, there's no excuse for me to remain financially illiterate. It's past time that I take personal responsibility.

So, I'll start with reading Suze Orman. Although I don't like getting all my information from one source, I have to start somewhere.

If you have a financial guru or book suggestion, please let me know. Thank you and good luck with the giveaway! Feel free to share with friends who you think would like this package.