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  • Georgette Todd

How I Started Spiraling But Regained Control of Myself during the COVID-19 Shutdown

There’s no way of escaping the hard reality that times are dire now. We have tens of millions of individuals who are newly unemployed and with no hard deadline to know when society will fully open up again, at least in California where I live. Over 70,000 of our fellow Americans have tragically died due to COVID-19 and the daily headlines seem to compete with each other on which one can be the bearer of the worst news possible.

Personally, I too have experienced some tremendous losses during this pandemic. I lost scheduled jobs. I’m now unemployed and I’ve lost a lot of money in my Roth IRA. Most importantly, I lost physical custody of my 11-year-old niece, whom I’ve been caring for during the past couple of years.

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* I will rarely post here what I post on Elephant Journal since, after a few free reads, it cost money to read work on there. That is how writers get paid and I need to write on such websites. But this article will be free for you. It is my first article published on Elephant Journal. If you have a problem accessing this post, let me know and I'll send it you personally. Thanks!