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  • Georgette Todd

Quarantine Cooking—Cheesy Bacon Bread & Italian Stuffed Chicken (Recipes Included)

Editor's note: I made my Wednesday deadline this week, however, due to technical difficulties, and this is a new website—which, feel free to explore, you are getting a post notification today. I have fixed the issue and from hereon, you should be getting a post every Wednesday until you decide to unsubscribe. Below is a short, fun post but I have another one, a lot more serious, that will follow this post. Those who follow me on LinkedIn need not read the next post as it's the same article I posted on Elephant Journal but the below hasn't be published anywhere else. Enjoy!

So Tuesday was my honey's birthday. I woke up early that morning so to decorate our dining room. I wanted my guy, Kurt (pseudonym name) to wake up to this surprise:

I took the above photo after Kurt woke up. You see, he woke up to the sounds of my stringing the lights. I tried to be as quiet as possible but to no avail. It didn't help that I had to keep shooing our two cats away from the balloons and streamers.

Anyway, after making Kurt a hearty Keto breakfast with espresso, almond flour pancakes, bacon, and eggs topped with a hot jumble of Keto maple syrup, melted butter, and mixed berries (I got that syrup idea from British food writer, chef, and enchanting bombshell, Nigella Lawson. Scroll to the 21:20 mark), I went to work on making two dishes. One is a staple that Kurt loves, the Cheesy Bacon Bread, which is so good but so rich and dense. A small piece of it will fill you up for hours. The other dish was the Italian Stuffed Chicken.

I never made the Italian chicken recipe before but it turned out perfectly. The spices and warm cheese smell filled the house and my guy was salivating as he wandered (was siren-called?) into the kitchen. I didn't make the cake this year, I bought it but he loved the New York-style cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. He only eats cake on birthdays and gets the cheesy bacon bread on super special occasions.

Throughout my cooking, I was texting Kurt's brother, and my sister updates on the food. Kurt's brother was impressed, and so was my sister, which means a lot. She is one of the best cooks I know. Her specialty is Asian cuisine. I told her that when this quarantine is over, I'll make these dishes for her if she makes me her famous Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls with Spicy Honey Peanut Sauce. I swear, my niece and I agree that her mother's spring rolls are better than any restaurant! My sister and I both have a birthday next month but we don't think the quarantine will end then. She lives about 20 miles away from me in California. We made a deal we'll make our dishes for each other as a belated birthday present when this is all over. Can't wait!

Let me know if you actually make any of these dishes and how it turned out. Enjoy!

All photos are of my dishes. They are not from the internet but the recipes are.

Cheesy Bacon Bread Recipe

Italian Stuffed Chicken

I know Kurt loved both dishes as he told me so when he savored them on Tuesday. I also overheard him talk about them on the phone. It warmed my heart when he said that the chicken was so tender, he didn't even have to use a knife. Yesterday, I asked Kurt which was his favorite dish?

"Oh, breakfast," he said.

Ugh! Wrong Answer!